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Chip DNA Analysis

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IP Fingerprinting

  • Fingerprint your IP

    Use our fingerprinting technology to help protect your IP from unauthorized use, without reliance on tagging or watermarking. As an IP provider, you can fingerprint your IP so that your semiconductor customers can detect your IP when using our Chip DNA Analysis software in the Core Store.

  • Not just soft IP

    You can fingerprint many types of IP: soft IP, hard IP, even embedded software. To learn more, read our white paper.

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  • Ready to get started?

    Download the free app to fingerprint your IP. You can then upload the IP fingerprint to the Core Store, where it can be used to detect your IP with Chip DNA Analysis.

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Chip DNA Analysis

  • Detect Fingerprinted IP in your chip

    Chip DNA Analysis utilizes fingerprints to detect the presence of IP in your chip design. This can ensure that your chip is not only using authorized IP but also using the right version!

  • Detect modified IP

    Chip DNA Alalysis can also detect fingerprinted IP that has been modified (does not exactly match the IP that was originally fingerprinted). This can protect you from the threat of Trojan Horses or backdoors being inserted surreptitiously into your chip. To learn more, read our white paper.

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  • Chip DNA Analysis in the Core Store

    If you want to detect fingerprinted IP in your chip by running Chip DNA Analysis in the Core Store, just complete this form and we’ll get back to you with the details.

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  • Chip DNA Analysis on your servers

    If you are a semiconductor company and want to fingerprint your own IP and do Chip DNA Analysis locally within your company, you can do so in your very own Core Store running on Xena IP management software. Fill out this form and we’ll get you more details right away.

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